Trio Sentire

Enthusiasm among the musicians of the Trio Sentire - combined with a technical brilliance that is never allowed to become cold - arouses interest among organisers in Sweden and abroad.


Sjostakovitj Pianotrio nr. 1

Excerpts from the Journal reviews:

"'The tone-poem lifted itself in all its liberated splendour, its precious tapestries covered the walls in the concert hall, it was there in the world of music, which its champions had conjured up'.
So once wrote fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen after a chamber concert, and so would one also want to write after listening to the trio Sentire, who offered their audience a musical evening without boundaries, an enchanting musical feast, vibrating with beauty and feeling."


"Trio Sentire are a marvel of passionate intuitive feeling, rhythmic finesse and eloquent authority"

(Sören Engblom, Expressen)

"Brilliant performance. There was real emotion in their playing. Sentire stands safely at a technically and musically high level. I might even say that an aura was hovering over their heads!”

(Erik Alvin)

"Rarely have we heard such a convincing interpretation, such an obvious emotional empathy."

(Holger Wigertz)

"Goethe talks in one place about 'sentient eyes and seeing hands'. One was reminded of these lines on Saturday when the Trio Sentire appeared at the Avenue in the Music Society's concert series. ... This is where one really noticed the value of the spiritual affinity that nowadays is so loosely called personal chemistry. Schubert's work is a garden of blooming melodies, where each of them may put on show its melodious flower. The music baton was handed over with all possible elegance. Where the music at times stood breathlessly still before it stirred and moved on, it was a tasteful, drawing out of the moment, free from over- cloying rubato. "

(Sören Ekebjörns)