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Duo Sentire; Ulrika Hebbe, piano and Lars-Inge Bjärlestam, cello have a great deal of musical experience extending over a long period and have, both as soloists and as a duo, toured not only in Sweden but in many parts of the world. The duo has taken part in numerous television and record productions. As Duo Sentire they have attracted attention for their ensemble work, sheer joy of playing and ability to blur musical boundaries.

A large part of the message in their music lies hidden in the name: Sentire - to listen, to feel. That is what it is all about. To give oneself the time to listen, to open one’s mind.

Their three daughters have been on stage since they were small and several years ago formed the group The Hebbe Sisters who have performed in many different situations. Here also there is a positive impression of a strong presence, a joy of singing and a quite remarkable tonal accuracy. The trio has developed and mastered complicated arrangements and all genres.

The three sisters are called Emilie, who is studying at the Ingesund College of Music, Josefine, who made her stage debut at the age of three, and Maria who at the age of five made ​​a solo appearance in a big production with musician and composer Georg Riedel

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“There is an instant, mutual endearment between these two sensitive
and expressive musicians and their public.”

Lars Löfgren former Television Theatre, Television's music department.
Royal Dramatic Theatre and Nordic Museum.